Fall Intentions

Without even looking at the calendar, I know it’s October. Pictures of pumpkin spice everything, cozy sweaters and golden leaves captioned with that Anne of Green Gables quote “I’m so glad to live in a world where there are October’s ” are crowding my feed, and to be honest, I’m loving it. Fall is my JAM. Although, I have been warned that this season out here in Vancouver isn’t typically quite as sunny and lovely as what I’m used to back in Ontario, so far we’ve had a pretty glorious fall and I’m soaking it all in before the grey skies take over.

October is the new January

I’ve always considered the the fall to be my January. Maybe it’s the changing leaves, the excitement of back to school ( although it’s been almost a decade since I got to do that),  there is something in the air inviting a reset or fresh start before winter sets in and without all the pressure of starting a new year off on the right foot. 

This fall has been FULL of new beginnings on this end: the Wildman and I have settled into a new apartment in North Vancouver, I accepted a new position at a law firm starting next week, and I’ve started working with a run coach to help get my legs spinning again and set (and make it to the start line, at least) some big run goals for 2019.


It just feels right with all of the newness going on to set a few monthly intentions. 

Find my Rhythm. The last few months have been a little disjointed to say the least and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Packing up my apartment in Toronto and moving west,  finding a new apartment (sight unseen), transferring my law license, trying to fit in some adventures, yada yada… While I’m excited for all this newness, and grateful for the amount of exploring I got to do this summer,   I’m looking forward to getting back into a rhythm with my life and running. In Toronto, my morning routine was a well-oiled machine, and I’m looking forward to getting back into it. Routine for me =  

Saying farewell to miss Maddie-grinch-feet until Christmas

Be Kinder to Myself.  The last month I have been EXHAUSTED. And not in the usual happy exhausted way I often feel when I’m training for something, but in the lethargic, foggy minded, can’t focus, grumpy, impatient kind of way. I often catch myself thinking “you’re not working right now, what can you POSSIBLY be exhausted from?” and forget that there are other things that cause stress and fatigue (IE leaving my family and friends, moving, coordinating flying me and my two fat cats across the country). It finally dawned on me that I haven’t allowed myself to acknowledge that that was a pretty big life move. Since coming West in April it’s been pretty go-go-go with the certainty that I wanted to stay out here, but uncertain about the rest of the small details, like where I’ll live, work, make new friends etc. As a result, I’ve been beating myself up about skipping runs on sunny days and feeling like I’m not “accomplishing” anything. I’ve realized I really just need to give myself a little grace and time to process all the change I’ve gone through in the last 6 months.

Create Quiet.  While I was housesitting this summer, I started journaling +  meditating quite routinely and then fell out of it. More often than not, I don’t set aside the few minutes a day for my own quiet time,  even though I think about it a lot, know the benefits, and actually crave that time. I  often don’t meditate because I think I need an “ideal” space for creating this quiet, but really, just taking a few minutes where I can (bedroom, car, sofa, and soon, office) to slow.it.down. and reset is way more important than waiting for the perfect time + place.  This will be all part of finding my rhythm. 

Less Screen Time, More Sleep Time. Also read: Buy a goddamn alarm clock and ditch the “but it’s my alarm clock” BS.  The Wildman and I have instituted a “no phones in bed” policy, and it actually looks so pathetic right now that I write it out that that has to be a thing.  It pains me to think how many hours of sleep I’ve lost over the years to mindless scrolling. Also gross is that my phone is often the first thing I reach for in the morning. I’ve been getting better, but time to be more mindful of it.

Call my Grandma more often.  She’ll be 97(!) this month and I am so grateful to still have the opportunity to listen to her stories.

Would love to know if you also set intentions monthly, seasonally – or just whenever you think about it! Wishing you all a beautiful fall! 

4 Replies to “Fall Intentions”

  1. I don’t write out goals, monthly,seasonally or otherwise. I never have. (I’m assuming by “intentions” you mean goal setting) I do think it’s a failing of mine though. A number of very successful friends do write out their short and long term goals and feel it’s a worthwhile endeavour.

    I am exceedingly happy for you, and I wish you all the best -whatever you “intentions” are! 😉 Happy New Fall / Year!!
    PS Keep Writing…

    1. wildheartrunning says: Reply

      Thanks EJ! Ya I think there is something pretty powerful re writing them down. Once all this newness wears off, then the goal setting will begin. Right now just trying to keep head above water!

  2. Chiang Mai's mom says: Reply

    You are my inspiration Jaime-love but the cats need to be put on a regime.

  3. Amazing things ahead! Love reading you and following your adventures. Glad you followed your heart. I’ll try to follow your lead!

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