Here she goes…

I’ve been struggling with the idea and concept of this blog over the last few months. Although it started as a way to share my running journey and connect with other runner crazies (which it has!) I struggle to keep it current, as a lot of the things I actually want to write about aren’t exactly running related.

The last 4 months has brought a crazy amount of change into my life: I quit my job as a lawyer with a firm and started working in-house for a company,  broke up with my long-time boyfriend, took a solo trip to Spain and a couple of jaunts to the west coast and met a jumble of people who have seriously challenged my beliefs on success, happiness and where I “should” be. Through all this, I’ve been putting lots of thought into what I want my future to look like… and spending lots of cashmoney on catchy titled self-help books for inspiration along the way.

These are the types of things that have taken up a lot of my mental energy lately and have woven a web of thoughts in my head which are often hard to untangle. Although I do keep a journal, I wondered if it was time to get it all down on some internet paper.

I did consider starting a new anonymous blog for a few obvious reasons, however, I changed my tune when I got my GoDaddy automatic yearly receipt, so here we are. In reality, I met my current employer at a mentoring event where I was looking for someone to guide me during my departure from law so they are at least semi-aware of my thoughts.  I’m also not too worried about offending the 4 or so subscribers that I have in taking my posts wildly off course.  Most of you know I’m a bit of an ‘over-sharer’ anyway, and since I’m dutifully paying my $9.99 hosting fee each month, it’s basically license to write about whatever floats my boat.

All that to say that there are going to be some changes around here, a lot of which will be more reflective of the point in my life where I am right now. I bet a lot of what will come out here will just be me trying to sort out the million random thoughts that go through my brain on the daily about where I am, where I’m going, and how I’ll get there.   I’m sure there will be some quotes showing up here from my new change-your-life book collection and podcast subscriptions as these have been hitting me square in the feels lately, so consider yourself warned.

So where do I want to end up? Who the eff knows. Although I am starting to figure out a lot of what I don’t want, which is just as important. Right now my options range from selling all possessions, packing a bag with my running shoes and traveling solo for an extended period of  time, going back to school, working on a horse farm in Sweden, starting my own business or some outlandish combination of it all.   Some might characterize this as running away from something, but I like to think of it as moving forward towards some kind of awesome adventure. So, I hope you’ll stick around to see how it goes.