New November workouts and goals

We are two weeks into November and the sun is shining, it was 15 degrees out on the weekend and not a snowflake in sight! Not being able to run has meant missing taking advantage of this fantastic fall weather, but I’ve been riding the recovery bus hard so I can hopefully get back into it soon.

I went and was checked out by a new physio and was diagnosed with a quad tear/strain. Hooray! Not for the actual injury but for at least knowing what’s going on and given the OK to do some serious strength training and whatever else doesn’t cause me any pain.

Trading morning miles for early morning beach walks with this furball

I purchased a package of Thera-bands which have been an amazing addition to my workouts. I’ve been focusing on  building hip and glute strength- the lack of which I’ve learned to is the root of all evil – so my early morning workouts are filled with monster walks and side steps with bands, hip hikes, weighted squats (one and two-legged), one- legged bridges and the beloved Jane Fonda’esque clam shells (burn baby, burn!) I’ve also upped the variation of plank and other ab exercises and thrown those in for good measure. It’s been great to get back into a routine and switch up my workouts.

Walk it out – I’m incapable of taking a picture without looking at the screen

I also made the MOST embarrassing purchase: an Aquajogger. If you have no idea what this is (don’t feel bad I had no idea until recently) you’ll be sad you’re only finding out about this now. More on THAT in a different blog post but I can now officially call myself a POOL runner… So there’s that.

In other news, Alex and I are off on a 17 day trip to Patagonia in less than 1 week so I’ve been focusing on getting some good workouts in before then and won’t being going for a test/real run until we get back (unless I feel amazing after days and days of hiking and I sneak out for a run, because, Patagonia!). We’ll be doing a ton of hiking, so want to make sure my legs are primed. I’ll also be bringing a set of trekking poles to help with the downhills and rather than think of myself as a 70 year old woman with my poles (and aqua jogger waiting patiently for me at home) I’m going to pretend to be some bad ass ultra runner at UTMB. Visualization/imagination is key to recovery, right?

So my November goals have really been 2 week goals leading up to when we leave:

  1. 3x strength workouts/week
  2. Hit the pool at least 2x/ week to aqua jog-it-out
  3. Stretch and foam roll, foam roll and stretch.

The great thing about the Thera-bands is that they are so light and packable. I’m planning on bringing them along with me on our trip to get a few quick workouts when I can. Eeekkk so excited!

Have you used Thera-bands before? Any go-to moves I’m missing? Let me know!

We’ve got 2 days in Buenas Aires to fit some city exploring in before heading off on our trekking adventure! Any must-go’s/do’s?

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  1. Yay to a diagnosis!! I did a LOT of pool running when i had a stress fracture..its….boring lol! Enjoy your trip and hoping we can run when you are back!

    1. wildheartrunning says: Reply

      Let’s hope so!! Silly question butdid you pool run during lane swim hours? I’m scared to make other swimmers mad- because they for SURE will be able to catch me wearing that thing!

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