• Running Adventures
  • Bruce Trail – Mono Cliffs Edition: Egg McMuffins, a slip and slide and more!

    It had been awhile since Alex and I had taken off on any adventures – he’s been swamped at work recently, we’ve been sick (what IS that terrible cold/flu that is knocking everyone out?!) and  with the holidays – yadda yadda yadda- so on Sunday morning after grabbing a couple of Egg McMuffins + hash browns,  we set […]

  • Travel
  • Patagonia! Part 1

    Hola! So excited to share some tidbits from our trip to Patagonia with you! Alex and I had considered venturing to Patagonia earlier this year but since November is the beginning of their spring season,  we decided now was the perfect time for a trekking adventure. Patagonia (a region which spans over 1M kilometres across the […]